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Packaged Control Rooms for Integrated Electrical Systems
Packaged Control Rooms for Integrated Electrical Systems

Prefabricated Control Rooms | Custom Control Panels | Modular Control Rooms

Koontz-Wagner engineers and constructs fully integrated custom electrical control panels, packaged within a climate-controlled structure. These prefabricated control rooms grew out of long history as the leading electrical contractor in southern Michigan and northern Indiana. In the early 1960s we began assembling and wiring control panels for general industry use. We still apply those skills today. We have recently gained ISO 9001:2008 Registration with the NQA, which confirms what we have always known: Koontz-Wagner Custom Controls builds and delivers quality modular control rooms.

Packaged Control Rooms for Integrated Electrical Systems

Fully integrated or stand-alone buildings: single or multiple-module design.

  • custom-built and factory-assembled to client specifications: any width, length, height
  • offer a lower total installed cost
  • floor, roof, and wind loads determined by application
  • self-framing, self-supporting galvanized steel
  • rigid steel base, four-point lift
  • smooth interior and exterior walls: unlimited options
  • total HVAC and special systems provided
  • fabricated and wired to domestic and international standards, including NEMA, ANSI, NEC, IEC, and EN (CE)
  • all electrical options available - at any voltage
  • can be furnished with any electrical system, including MCCs and switchgear
  • all electrical connections marked and documented
  • sub-floor wireways reduce cost
  • wiring to 15KV
  • truly portable - commercial carrier transport
  • complete in-house engineering, programming, and technical support available, including in-house control panel services
  • ideal for such applications as: power generators, power substations, switchgear enclosures, control center rooms, communication shelters, offshore platforms, generator systems, equipment skids, bulk material handling, pumping stations

Power Utility Control Panels

Ideal for power generation, transmission distribution, and communication including:

  • protective relay control panels: solid-state and electromechanical
  • control consoles
  • distribution boards
  • recording and metering panels
  • SCADA and RTU systems
  • graphic mimic displays
  • ideal for such applications as:

Industrial and OEM Control Panels

Ideal for:

  • motor and generator control
  • process, automation, and instrumentation
  • programmable logic control
  • annunciation and graphic display
  • power distribution
  • security and alarm
  • marshalling cabinets
  • gen-sets
  • D.C. rectifiers and variable-frequency drives

High-Voltage/Current Equipment


  • generator terminal enclosures
  • generator circuit-breaker enclosures
  • generator line side and neutral cubicles
  • generator circuit-breaker platforms
  • copper and aluminum bus assemblies
  • high-current A.C. and D.C. switching systems

We offer full engineering support as well - for all of our Custom Control products. Before completion, most projects require some degree of engineering by our staff. Whatever the need, no matter how unique, our engineers can accommodate it in a timely manner.

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