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Our Process to Quote, Engineer and Manufacture Power Distribution Centers (PDC) and Other Electrical Equipment Enclosures

From inception to completion, every new customer request for a custom power distribution center, electrical equipment enclosure or prefabricated control panel follows the same formalized process and is managed by seasoned professionals. Many of our staff and management team are cross-trained, which enables us to handle new work with remarkable efficiency.

Customer needs are handled by two functions within our organization: Sales and Operations.

The Sales group promotes our company, provides initial customer contacts, and establishes primary lines of communication.

Operations controls and manages all the various processes, from proposals through final shipment.

Combined, our processes form a Value Stream - a direct line of action engineered to promote customer satisfaction.

Our process generally runs as follows:

  1. On receipt of a Request for Quotation (RFQ), our Estimating department assigns a proposal number and logs it into the mix, assigning priorities based on due date, completeness of information, complexity, and product fit.
  2. The proposal is then completed by Estimating and reviewed by Operations.
  3. Next, the proposal is submitted to the customer, typically in a detailed Bill of Material, Microsoft Excel format. It provides all the information required by the customer, always including sizing, a detailed materials list, terms, pricing, and whatever comments or clarifications seem necessary.
  4. On receipt of a customer order, the Estimating department verifies the customer documents against the proposal, generates a setup sheet for work-order development, and alerts Operations of any long lead items for purchase.
  5. The proposal file is then transferred to the VP of Operations.
  6. The VP of Operations examines the new work request, sets up a work-order file, and schedules all critical process dates. He adds the new work to the master schedule, assigns a project engineer, and alerts the quality department of all new work added that week.
  7. The project engineer prepares the preliminary design for customer approval, working closely with the customer as required through the design approval process.
  8. On final customer design approval, the design engineer completes the approved drawing package and transfers it back to the VP of Operations for processing.
  9. The project engineer stays close to the assigned work during the manufacturing and integration process and participates in final testing.
  10. On shipment of the work, project engineering completes the documentation package, including as-built drawings, manuals, and customer-requested documentation.
  11. Having been notified of new work, the quality department works with project engineering to develop the quality plan for each new project.
  12. The quality department interfaces with manufacturing as required by the quality plan and, on completion of the work, gives final approval to ship, based on final testing and verification of the plan.
  13. Once the VP of Operations receives the approved design package from engineering, he orchestrates the manufacturing process. He assigns a manufacturing group leader for the electrical shop, begins the fabrication in the mechanical shop, and engages purchasing for all buyout items.
  14. The Operations department organizes the receipt of materials, both purchased and customer supplied, and supervises the integration process once any metal fabrications are ready.
  15. The VP of Operations conducts regular meetings with all necessary personnel to review the status of open work orders. He also works closely with the customer to finalize customer acceptance.
  16. Finally, Operations makes all shipping arrangements for delivery, per contract. If post-shipment field service has been purchased or is required – warranty or otherwise – it's also directed by the Operations department.

Through continuous effort, we refine our process. The goal, always, is to ensure that the needs of our customers are met to their total satisfaction. For us, that means promoting customer involvement and constant communication.

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