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Control Rooms for Pipeline, Oil and Gas

Pipelines for the transportation of oil and gas are lifeline's for this nation's industries and are essential to everyone's life on a daily basis. We're proud to be a key supplier of packaged control rooms to prominent pipeline companies. As such, we're participating in some of the largest and most ambitious North American pipeline projects ever undertaken.

Our packaged control rooms and our expertise are chosen for several reasons:

  • The rugged, high-quality construction of our buildings helps them stand up to the rigors of transportation, installation, and the harsh environments encountered in remote pumping and compressor stations.
  • Our experienced engineering, manufacturing, and management teams understand the needs of the pipeline industry.
  • As an electrical contractor with more than 40 years of experience in control room construction, we can offer our customers sound electrical solutions and tangible coordinated support. This same support is extended to all sectors of the liquid energy industry, including exploration, production, and refining, both on shore and off shore.
  • Our experience includes electrically integrated structures placed on offshore platforms as well as in onshore refineries and chemical processing plants.

    Our buildings:

    • have been tested and certified to meet NEMA and ANSI standards as well as IP54 and IP55
    • can be engineered and built to protect personnel and equipment in dangerous dust and fume environments - using special air filtration and pressurization systems, including custom HVAC and fire protection systems
    • are typically fabricated from G90 galvanized steel, but also can be fabricated from aluminum or stainless steel
    • have exterior and interior surfaces protected with factory-applied combinations of two-part catalyzed epoxy and polyurethane coatings (with other formulations available on request)
    • share a common basic construction that allows them to be adapted to any customer need, any unique application
    • are highly adaptable to major modification, with options including interior and exterior treatments, size, removable wall sections, provisions for expansion, doors, windows, access for cable, insulation, acoustics, lighting, plumbing, and grounding, etc.
    • are engineered for portability, are totally self-supporting from the base, and can be mounted directly to framework, piers, pads, or foundations with all equipment installed
    • feature self-framing construction using an interlocking panel wall and roof system with smooth exterior and interior surfaces
    • have walls and roofs assembled on a heavy-duty, welded-steel base of structural shapes and beams chosen and arranged for structural integrity and to receive any floor-mounted equipment
    • are typically supplied with a welded and sealed liner panel for the bottom of the base – which keeps out weather and rodents, holds insulation, and allows convenient building penetration for external wires and cables (The entire base is considered a wireway because all points throughout the structure are accessible from the subfloor wireway system. This enables us to provide a high-quality yet economical product that's highly adaptable to special conditions.)
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