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Size and Longevity - Transportable Control Rooms

Custom Controls is a name that was applied many years ago to a division of Koontz-Wagner that began assembling and wiring control panels for general industry use in the early 1960s. Today, our main business is the construction and electrical integration of transportable control rooms and modules for a wide variety of end users. We have, to date, completed more than 2,000 such units.

We also regularly produced single-unit control rooms up 60 feet long, with sizes reflecting DOT regulations per route, and multi-module split units in sizes exceeding 60 feet in length and 15 feet in width. We ship control rooms coast to coast and around the world. These units serve every major industry and are engineered for application in every environment, resisting Class I Div 2, seismic zones, blowing sand and dust, and corrosion.

The physical setup of our South Bend, Indiana, operations comprises two separate facilities: the Mechanical Shop and the Electrical Shop. The Mechanical Shop, also called the "Powerhouse," is where we:

  • build our control rooms from raw flat steel sheet and steel beams
  • assemble the structures
  • apply the painted finish

After that, the structures are delivered to the Electrical Shop - which is Koontz-Wagner's corporate headquarters. This is where we:

  • install all utilities and electrical equipment
  • wire the units
  • complete all testing to ensure the rooms' electrical integration

For more information, see Facilities to Manufacture Modular Control Panels

Depending on size and mix, we can produce between 300 and 400 units a year. The total amount of floor space dedicated to control room construction and integration is approximately 175,000 square feet.

To learn more about the scope of our operations and what it means to you, contact Koontz-Wagner.

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