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Complete Turnkey Solutions for Modular Control Panels | Turnkey Control Rooms

You can count on Koontz-Wagner for a complete turnkey solution to any modular control panel, packaged control room, or high-voltage/current equipment challenge.

Our turnkey solution entails:

  • assistance from initial engineering through field startup
  • a focus on the total integrated electrical system
  • creative packaging and integration solutions for custom applications - drawing on the experience of having shipped more than 2,000 units
  • empty equipment enclosures or complete factory-assembled and electrically integrated systems
  • considerable experience and skill in control panel construction
  • electrical and mechanical construction to all major U.S. industry standards and specifications
  • electrical and mechanical construction to many non-domestic standards and specifications, including those for Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America
  • ISO 9001-2008 compliance
  • experience and expertise in all major industries, applications, and environments
  • an experienced, highly trained staff of administrative, engineering, assembly, and wiring personnel
  • an in-house electrical and mechanical engineering staff
  • electrical and mechanical equipment selection and procurement - unless the customers wishes to furnish complete drawing and documentation services
  • up-to-date technical and communication tools deployed to ensure a final delivery that's on time and on budget
  • regular shipments to destinations around the world
  • complete factory testing prior to shipment
  • field service options for assistance before and after a packaged control room reaches its destination

For more information on the complete turnkey solution, contact Koontz-Wagner Custom Controls.

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